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Why Solid Surfaces?

Solid Surface Design

Solid surfaces are premium engineered materials made from 1/3 of binding resins, the remaining 2/3 of minerals, and added pigments. It is considered superior to other surface materials such as granite and marble for many reasons, including non-repairability.  

There are three types of solid surface bases:

1. Acrylic-based: Durable with matte finishing.

2. Polyester-based: Solid & more affordable than acrylic-base with excellent glossy finishing. This base is UV-resistant.

3. Acrylic-and-Polyester-based: A combination to get the best of both worlds.

Solid surfaces can be more expensive than granite or marble. However, its durability in naturally occurring patterns, such as in a pricey stone surface with a seamless finishing at a significantly lower price, makes it the best choice. 

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