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Homogeneity, repairability, durability, flexibility, and quality of Christone Solid Surfaces offer limitless possibilities for application.

From Kitchen, Staircase, Pillar, Dining, Bedroom, Bathroom, Accessories, Walls, Grills, Doors, Cupboards, Tables, Teapoys, Partitions, Holders, Shelves, Ceilings, Showcase, Washbasin, Counters, Facades, Nameboards, Statues, Tabletops, to Countertops, and more, Solid Surfaces can be applied.

And Christone Solid Surfaces specializes in engineering backlit CNC 3D works, staircase balusters, CNC grills & cuttings, inlay & engraving work, kitchen countertops & cupboards, dining table-tops, office table-tops/teapoys, beds, wardrobes, pillar claddings, washbasin & counters, facades, ceilings, and more.

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